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We are so excited for summer staff applications to open November 1st!
We can't wait for you to join the SSO staff family!


Join the Team

This is your Counselor Application section paragraph. Encourage your prospective camp staff to apply for any of the available positions.

Thanks for submitting!


Counselor Shine

Twice a summer our staff performs in Counselor Shine. It is a production you won't want to miss!

"This camp has allowed me to impact the lives of children, explore a part of myself that I had never seen, and meet fellow young adults from varying backgrounds.  After my sophomore year, I worked as a camp counselor and met a variety of amazing people: show choir directors, Broadway performers, and fellow students.  Learning how to work with vastly different people is a skill that I am forever grateful to have learned.


Through Summer Show-Offs, I also learned valuable lessons in how to serve people and meet their needs without expecting anything in return.  The directors taught me how to treat campers and parents alike with the same respect and care that I had been treated with for the previous six years (as a camper).  As a staff member, I had the responsibility of either making or breaking a child's day through my actions and attitude.  I learned how to show love to people half my age that I had known less than a week.  Whether I find myself in a room filled with ten nine-year-olds or ten thirty-nine-year-olds, I have the confidence and composure to handle myself because of this seven-year journey with Summer Show-Offs."

Jack Littleford

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