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The Summer Show-Offs Angels Gala was created to ensure that every child who wishes to participate in our programs has the opportunity. All proceeds provide camper scholarships, staff for campers with special needs, and support for all events related to the Angels program. The evening includes a silent auction, entertainment provided by SSO parents and friends in their boogie shoes, heartwarming stories, and a fun night you will never forget!

The 2024 Angels Gala was a huge success! We are so grateful for all the support given by the Summer Show-Offs Community! We hope you will plan to join us next time for an evening of food, fellowship, and entertainment!

Tuesday, March 4, 2025
The Club

PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00109
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00592
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00785
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00111
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00413
PSF_SSO Angel's Gala_02272024--00794
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00417
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00615
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00971
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00843
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00369
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00612
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00913
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00975
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00527
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00661
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00170
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--00466
PSF_SSO Angel_s Gala_02272024--01023
Silent Auction Christine Prichard Photography
Silent Auction Christine Prichard Photography
Silent Auction Christine Prichard Photography
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